Years at SKEMA Business School: 24



Skills & Interests 
Teaching Skills

Database design and management, web site design, software engineering, programming languages
Academic Degrees 
Master  University of Nice, 1988.
Work Experience 
Assistant Professor, SKEMA (1996 - Present), Sophia, France.
IT Manager, CEDAC & EM, (1996 - 2010), unknonwn, Unknown.
Scientific director, project manager for the numerical simulation projects., GEOLAB (1989 - 1996), France, France.
Intellectual contributions
Other Research 
2019: MILLELIRI, A., EXCEL PGE M1 Blended course.  Production of the online part of the Excel PGE M1 Elective. This course is a blended course that starts with 12 hours of video presentation introducing all the needed concepts and then four sessions of face to face labs in order to let the students practice and to guide them.
This course was offered with success in Fall and Spring on the Sophia, Lille, Paris, Belo And Suzhou campuses. We had around 26 groups with a number of students varying from 25 to 45 depending on the capus. All the labs and class materials were prepared by me including the video solutions of all the exercises (an additional 8 hours of video).
This course satisfactory perceived by the students and during my annual CDECP Sophie Gay in charge of the PGE aggreed on the fact that it worths 2 points (see miss Walsh).
  [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2016: MILLELIRI, A., Building an online course for CFM & FMI Msc : VBA Programming.   This course was designed to mutualize the VBA programming course in the CFM and FMI Msc (more than 350 students involved). This is a blended course including 15 hours of video and nine hours of face to face applications.
The 15 online hours include lecture, demonstrations and exercises solutions.
The face to face part was intended to be a kind of "master class" where the students can discuss in small groups with the teacher and where some domain specific application were presented. I did the Face to Face part for the FMI students in Paris and two other persons did it for the CFM in Sophia and Paris.
For the FMI students the satisfaction rate was very high and the student's return really good (see Amaury Goguel).
The course will be repeated for the FMI students during the coming academic year (Fall 2017). It's not going to be repeated for the CFM students due to a change in the "Maquette" of the program. I will improve the exercise part of the online section and add some algorithmic consideration to help the student analyze and build VBA applications).

Technically speaking, the course was implemented on knowledge and the vidéo were done using Office Mix (for the lecture part) and Camtasia (for some of  the demonstrations and exercises, to get more options).   [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2015: Boissin, D., Grasseli, Y., Milleliri, A., Parker, M., Peneau, F., Dalmasso, A., Saunders A. SKEMA BACHELOR IN GLOBAL MANAGEMENT.  Construction d'une maquette originale d'un nouveau programme destiné à être commercialisé.
  [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]