Years at SKEMA Business School: 21



Skills & Interests 
Research Skills
Strong emphasis on qualitative and ethnographic studies.
The influence of ethics and responsibility on economic performance, and innovation in particular
International Interests
East and Southeast Asia
Scholarly Academic
Academic Degrees 
Doctorat  Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, Doctorate in Management, 2006.
MSc  SKEMA Business School, France, Post Graduate Programme in Information and Knowledge Management, 2003.
Master  Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, International Business, 1990.
Other  University of Provence, France, B.A Chinese Studies, 1986.
Work Experience 
Associate Professor, SKEMA Business School (April, 2006 - Present), Sophia Antipolis, France.
Visiting Researcher, YORK University SCHULICH School of Business (September, 2014 - June, 2015), Toronto, Canada.
Visiting lecturer in Corporate Social Responsability, Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, Beirut (2011), Beirut, Lebanon.
Visiting lecturer in Corporate Social responsability, Business Intelligence Program, University of Executive Education of Algiers (UFC Alger) (2010), Alger, Algeria.
Visiting Researcher, University of Northern Iowa (May, 2009 - June, 2009), Cedar Falls, United States of America.
Director of Postgraduate Program in Sustainability Management, SKEMA Business School (April, 2006 - June, 2009), Sophia Antipolis, France.
Branch Manager and consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the French Riviera (2000 - 2006), Grasse, France.
Consultant in Strategy and International Business,, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the French Riviera (1997 - 2000), Nice, France.
Managing Director, SELLEN Ltd, Trading Company (1993 - 1996), Hong Kong, China- Hong Kong.
Business intelligence mission, AIR LIQUIDE group (May, 1994 - December, 1994), Hong Kong, China- Hong Kong.
Trading Manager, PALOUME Ltd (1992 - 1993), Hong Kong, China.
Trading Manager, BENAROYA (H.K) Ltd (1990 - 1992), Hong Kong, China- Hong Kong.
Intellectual contributions
Articles in Journals 
Barraquier, A. (2014).  Le rôle de la responsabilité sociale dans la connaissance organisationnelle: approche conceptuelle.   Management International, 19 (1), 130-140.
Barraquier, A. (2013).  A group identity analysis of organizations and their stakeholders: Porosity of identity and mobility of attributes.   Journal of Business Ethics, 115 (1), 45-62.
Barraquier, A. (2011).  Ethical Behaviour in Practice: decision outcomes and strategic implications.   British Journal of Management, 22, S28-S46.
Articles in Proceedings 
BARRAQUIER, A., BENDER, M., KLAW, B., MAYER, D., & HOLCOMB, J. (2017).  Innovations in in Teaching Business Ethics and Business & Society.   I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), 28 (2017), 105-117.
DHOOGE, L., KLAW, B., BARRAQUIER, A., & HOLCOM, J. (2014).  Globalizing the Business & Society Curriculum: Integrating Ethics, Law and Public Policy.   I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), 25 (2014), 311-322.
BARRAQUIER, A. (2012).  A Cultural Analysis of Sustainability and Human Organizations.   I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), 23 (2012), PHILOSOPHY DOCUMENTATION CENTER (ONLINE):, 112-121.
BARRAQUIER, A. (2011).  The Influence of Social and Ethical Issues on Innovation.   I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), 22 (2011), 176-188.
Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 
BARRAQUIER, A. F. (2019). You're responsible, I'm liable: stakeholder relations in the face of responsibility. In A.Lindgreen, F. Mahon, J. Vanhamme,B. Palacios Florencio, C. Strong, C. Vallaster (Ed.), Engaging with stakeholders: A relational perspective on responsible business (pp. 370). London and New York: Routledge, London and New York,. 
BARRAQUIER, A. (2019). Sustainability in historic family firms. Under Review, In Routledge (Ed.), Corporate Citizenship and the Family: Exploring Citizenship and Sustainability in Family Business and Families in Business..  
Barraquier, A. F. (2015). A Plea for a Chinese Model of Ethical Leadership. In Alidou Ouedraogo (Ed.), Multinational's CSR Practices in Developing Countries: An International Perspective (pp. 114). New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc. 
BARRAQUIER, A. F. (2012). Postface. In Alain Maes (Ed.), Le Management Intégrateur (pp. 282). Paris: Edition de Boeck. 
Conference Presentations 
BARRAQUIER, A. (2018). Gone fishing! Lessons from non-profit organizations facing the issue of biodiversity.  IABS Annual Conference, San DIego, California.
BARRAQUIER, A. (2017). Deceiving but looking good: how business organizations politicalize complex knowledge.  EGOS Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
BARRAQUIER, A. (2017, August). A coevolution approach of institutional logics and moral disengagement: the case of China.  Society of Business Ethics(SBE), Atlanta, Georgia.
Barraquier, A. (2016, June). Can complex Knowledge be used deceituffly in organizations? A case study in a higly regulated industry.  Annual Meeting of the International Association of Business and Society (IABS) Conference Theme: Business and Society at the Crossroads., Park City, Utah.
Barraquier, A. (2016, April). A critical approach of moral and democratic assumptions about CSR: the case of China.  LAEMOS, Vina del Mar, Chile.
Barraquier, A. (2015, March). Decoupling of compliance and ethical meaning: a micro analysis.  IABS Conference, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
Barraquier, A. (2013, June). Social innovation in the classroom.  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), Portland, Oregon.
Barraquier, A. (2013, June). Serial suicides in deregulated French corporations: Loss of identification and meaning?  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), Portland, Oregon.
Barraquier, A. (2012). A cultural analysis of sustainability and human organizations.  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), Asheville, North Carolina.
Barraquier, A. (2011). Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest organization of all?  AOM (Academy of Management) Conference, San Antonio, Texas.
Barraquier, A. (2011). The influence of social and ethical issues on innovation: an exploration of the innovation.  IABS Conference, Bath, United Kingdom.
Barraquier, A. (2010). Can sustainable development contribute to the progress of managerial ethics?  IABS, Banff,, Banff, Canada.
Barraquier, A. (2010). Ethical decision making in practice: strategic implications.  LAEMOS, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Barraquier, A. (2010). Why are socially responsible firms more competitive? A granular approach of the competitiveness mechanisms of CSR.  Annual Global Forum on Business Driven Action, Nice, France.
Barraquier, A. (2010). Middle managers et résolution des dilemmes éthiques.  Cycle de conférences Skema Expert, Paris, France.
Barraquier, A. (2009). Tourisme et développement durable.  Symposium MDI, Alger, Algeria.
Barraquier, A. (2009). Managers' perception of consumer activism.  European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), Athens, Greece.
Barraquier, A. (2009). La théorie des parties prenantes appliquée au risque en ressources humaines.  MRH international colloquium, Hotel Mercure, Algiers, Algeria.
Barraquier, A. (2008). Implementing social performance: a qualitative field study on middle management practice.  International Association for Business and Society (IABS), Tampere, Finland.
Barraquier, A. (2008). Développement durable et Pôles de Compétitivité.  Symposium MDI, Alger, Algeria.
Barraquier, A. (2008). Facteurs de compétitivité des entreprises durables. Invited presentation at Cycle de conférences Skema Expert, Nice, France.
Barraquier, A. (2007). Why are socially responsible firms more competitive? The domino effect of complexity, values conflict, sense making and knowledge creation.  International Association for Business and Society (IABS), Florence, Italy.
Barraquier, A. (2007). Exploring Knowledge Creation Mechanisms Of Socially Responsible Organizations As A Factor Of Value Creation.  Society of Business Ethics(SBE), Philadelphia, United States of America.
Barraquier, A. (2007). Responsabilité sociale et intelligence économique.  ICC Conference on Economic intelligence, Paris, France.
Barraquier, A. (2006). Knowledge based view of Corporate Social Performance : a conceptual approach.  AOM (Academy of Management), Atlanta, United States of America.
Barraquier, A. (2006). Middle managers and social responsibility: the white knight dilemma.  EAMTP International Conference, Berlin, Germany.
Other Research 
2009: , ., .  Visiting Researcher University of Northern Iowa   [Not an IC]
Professional Service 
Board Member: Advisory Board or Board of Trustees
2017:  AOM (Academy of Management) Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (International).  Rep at large at the Social Issues In Management Division
2015:  AOM (Academy of Management) Conference, Anaheim, California (International).
Board of Directors (Member)
2013 – 2016:  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society), Park City, Utah (International).
Editor: Associate Editor
2014 – 2015:  Academy of Management Conference, Social Issues in Management Division (International).
2014:  Academy of Management Conference, Social Issues in Management Division (International).
2011 – 2012:  IABS Conference- Proceedings (International).
Reviewer: Book / Textbook
2018:  University of Denver, Department of Ethics and Legal Studies, Denver, Colorado (International).  Reviewer for the tenure committee of Professor Bruce Klaw (committee in 2019)
Asked to provide a letter of reviews. Review contained 5 articles, most law journals (articles are very long!). Altogether 300 pages to assess in a review.
Due in December 2018
Reviewer: Conference Paper
2018:  Academy of Management Conference, Social Issues in Management Division, Chicago, Illinois (International).  Member of the committee "Best conference paper award"
Read and assessed 4 papers
Discussed with other committee members to attribute the award.
2017:  AOM (Academy of Management) Conference (International).
2012:  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society) (International).
2010 – 2012:  AOM (Academy of Management) Conference (International).
2010:  I.A.B.S (International Association for Business and Society) (International).
Reviewer: Reviewer for a Journal
2017 – 2018:  Business and Society, Toronto, Canada (International).
2016:  British Journal of Management (International).
2011 – 2016:  Journal of Management Inquiry (International).
2011 – 2016:  Journal of Business Ethics (International).
Professional Memberships 
European Group for Organization Studies EGOS, 2017-18
Society of Business Ethics (SBE), 2007-today
Academy of Management, 2006-today
International Association of Business and Society, 2006-today