Years at SKEMA Business School: 17



Skills & Interests 
Teaching Skills

Peter Spier has substantial experience teaching and training students and executives from diverse backgrounds.  His approach seeks to be interactive, and learner-driven.

He has taught ''Train the trainer'' seminars at ESA, Beirut.

English mother tongue.  Fluent in French, German and Spanish
Peter Spier is an experienced teacher and trainer in the areas of negotiation, sales, communication and persuasion -often with an intercultural dimension - as well as various aspects of marketing: brand management, international marketing, marketing management.

As well as teaching at Masters level, Peter Spier has extensive experience teaching at MBA and executive level.  He teaches on the MBA and Executive MBA at ESA, Beirut.  When at Negocia Business School, Paris, he developed a major strategic training programme exploring the developments of automtive distribution with Renault, which ran for several years.  He developed special training programmes for purchasers at Auchan-Russia, Leroy Merlin-Russia, and Leroy Merlin-Roumania, returning to Russia over a number of years.  He developed a full sales training session for managers and sales force members at Air Liquide, Lebanon, which took the form of a number of modules. 
Academic Degrees 
Master  EAP-European School of Management, 1994.
Ph.D.  Exeter College - Oxford University, 1990.
Bachelor  Exeter College, Oxford University, 1978.
Work Experience 
Coaching, Aeroport de Nice (February, 2013 - Present), Nice, France.
Director of MSc programme in International Marketing & Business Development, SKEMA Business School (2009 - Present), Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, France.
Coaching, Coup de Pousse (2006 - Present), Nice, France.
Associate Professor, CERAM / SKEMA (2003 - Present), Sophia Antipolis, France.
Lecturer, ESA (2012 - 2013), Beiruth, Lebanon.
Academic Director of Masters Programmes, SKEMA BS (2009 - 2013), Sophia, Paris la-Défense, Suzhou, Raleigh, Unknown.
Coaching, Leroy Merlin (2012), Bucarest, Romania.
Coaching, Air Liquide (2010 - 2011), Beiruth, Lebanon.
Coaching, Groupe Chaloub (2003 - 2011), Beirut, Lebanon.
Coaching, Hotel Beds (2010), Varsovie, Poland.
Director of MSc programme, CERAM (2003 - 2009), Sophia Antipolis, France.
Associate Dean, CERAM (2004 - 2005), Sophia Antipolis, France.
Director of Nice centre/Director of International Relations, IPAG business school (2002 - 2003), Paris & Nice, France.
Visiting Professor, ESCP Lomonossov (2002 - 2003), Moscow, Russia.
Professor, NEGOCIA business school (1999 - 2002), Paris, France.
Course leader, NEGOCIA business school (1999 - 2002), Paris, France.
International Sales & Marketing Director, Magnum Photos (1994 - 1999), Paris-New York- London-Tokyo, Unknown.
Lecturer, University of the West of England (1991 - 1993), Bristol, United Kingdom.
Managing Director, ASPECT language travel (1988 - 1991), Paris, France.
PR and training officer, EF Language Travel, Paris, EF Language Travel (1983 - 1988), Paris, France.
Intellectual contributions
Articles in Journals 
SPIER, P. (in press, 2019).  From liquid bioactivated silicium to active mesoporous silica.   Innovations in Food Technologgy.
Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 
SPIER, P. (2014). Professor's perspective, Chapter 11 - Sales Management. Marketing: A global perspective - Bronis Verhage (pp. 459-60). Andover, UK: Cengage learning. 
Conference Presentations 
SPIER, P. (2020). Playing with fire might burn your brand.  Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC), Amity University, Delhi, India, Delhi/NCR, India.
Pellier, M., Spier, P., & Coste-Manière, I. (2015, December). Wine Industries in France, India, China: A comparative Analysis.  International Conference on advances in management and techonology in a global world ICAMT-15, Noida, India.
Other Research 
2018: FAURE, C., Strategic Brand Management Blog.   Complete exercise for students 
Working as a group, including individual contribution (articles) and collective reflexion (using tools to build the blog, chosing a market, arranging the timeline, retro planning, discussing the relevance of the articles, avoiding averlaps, critical thinking...)
Results: 40 blogs on specific market with strategic brand analysis. A very useful tool to promote their work to recruiters, and get deep knowledge about market and brands. Powerful exercice to prepare student to the disertation, with critical thinking, sourcing, lot of reading....
  [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2018: SPIER, P., Thinking in, out and about the box.  Presentation in the context of the SKEMA Cycle Innovation & Connaissance at the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse on 20th February 2018.  The presentation explores the Design thinking method and the underlying theories about creativity.  The event combined this presentation with a presentation by Steve Kopp, Head of Amadeus Horizon 3 who shared their approach to innovation and creativity.   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]
2018: SPIER, P., Thinking by design: Innovating Creative out of the Box Solutions.  Webinar in the context of the Ivy Executive Webinars.  The presentation is available on You Tube and sets the Design Thinking method within the context of other methods for promoting creative thinking. (335 views)   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]
2018: SPIER, P., Thinking by design.   Presentation to executives at the French consulate in Jeddah.  Organized with Olivier Lefaivre of Skema ExecEd to promote Skema faculty.  30 participants from a range of companies.   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]
2017: SPIER, P., Thinking with bricks: Using Lego serious play to build creativity.  Presentation for the Petits déjeuners du management organized by ESA in collaboration with the Société Génerale de Banque au Liban on 19th October 2017.  The presentation covered the Lego Serious Play method, sharing experience from its use in the MSc IMBD and exploring its use as a tool to encourage creativity and buildi shared meaning.   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]
2017: SPIER, P., Lego Serious Play.   After passing the certification for this new methodology, it was applied with two groups for electives in the MSc IMBD programme and the MSc in Entrepreneurship.  Student reports provided valuable feedback and the experience was shared with professionals in Beirut.   [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2016: SPIER, P., Sales Challenge.   

Two-day Sales challenge for students in the MSc IMBD (Paris & Sophia) involving partner companies (BNPP, Cisco, Hilti, Frost & Sullivan, Mars, Mondelez, UPS).  A great example of collaboration between an academic programme and the DRE.  Day 1: companies present themselves, their activity, what sales means for them, a sales case; Day 2: students sell to company reps to test their sales ability.  An excellent way to a) create an active learning event b) bring companies into the classroom c) facilitate recruitment for sales jobs

  [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2015: SPIER, P., Working with companies.  Presentation to visiting faculty at Ljubljana Summer School 22nd July 2015, with a subsequent presentation to the corporate team of the School of Economics.  The presentation addressed the challenges of working with corporate partners for academic purposes and shared some of the experiences at Skema, including the MSc IMBD Sales Challenge.   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]
2015: SPIER, P., Video production for M1 Marketing & Innovation course.   

Production of Skema-branded video interviews made available for students as part of additional online resources (the course includes lectures, TDs, online case studies and additional resources + these videos). Videos include interviews with faculty members discussing their research interests (Isabella Soscia, Jonas Hoffmann, Meltem Ture) thus linking research to teaching; an interview with the former VP marketing of Apple Europe about the customer experience at Apple; an interview with the marketing manager of Micromania to accompany the Kinect case study that is used for the course.

  [Teaching and Learning Scholarship]
2013: Spier, P., Quels métiers et quelles missions pour les jeunes diplômés en Marketing,, n° 14, décembre.   [Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship]