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Zhenzhen ZHAO


Skills & Interests 
Human-computer interaction (HCI), Digital marketing, User Research, Design, User experience
Scholarly Academic
Academic Degrees 
Ph.D.  Télécom SudParis / Paris VI - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, Computer Science, 2012.
MSc  Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China, Information systems and Communications, 2008.
Work Experience 
Associate Professor, SKEMA Business School (2019 - Present), Paris, France.
Research Professor, ISC Paris Business School (2016 - 2019), Paris, France.
Senior Researcher, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (2013 - 2016), Paris, France.
Intellectual contributions
Articles in Journals 
ZHAO, Z. (2019).  Idea crowdsourcing for innovation: Fundamentals and recommendations.   Management & Data Science.
ZHAO, Z., & Renard, D. (2018).  Viral promotional advergames: how intrinsic playfulness and the extrinsic value of prizes elicit behavioral responses.   Journal of Interactive Marketing (41), 94-103.
Haikel-Elsabeh, M., ZHAO, Z., Ivens, B., & Brem, A. (2018).  When is brand content shared on Facebook? A field study on online Word-of-Mouth.   International Journal of Market Research, 1-15.
Elmoukhliss, M., Renard, D., ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2017).  De la compétition à la coopétition : les nouvelles formes de crowdsourcing d'idées.   Revue Française de Gestion, 43 (267), 11-24.
ZHAO, Z., Renard, D., Elmoukhliss, M., & Balagué, C. (2016).  What affects creative performance in idea co-creation: competitive, cooperative or coopetitive climate?   International Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (04).
ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2015).  Designing branded mobile apps: Fundamentals and recommendations.   Business Horizons, 58 (3), 305-315.
Laga, N., Bertin, E., Crespi, E., Bedini, I., ZHAO, Z., Molina B. (2013).  A flexible service selection for executing virtual services.  World Wide Web, 1 (27).
ZHAO, Z., Crespi, N., & Bhattarai, S. (2012).  The design, implementation and usage analysis of an event-based consumer mashup system.   International Journal of Web and Grid Services.
Zhang, H., ZHAO, Z., Sivasothy, S., & Huang, C. (2010).  Quality-assured and sociality-enriched multimedia mobile mashup.   Wireless Personal Communications.
Chen, J., ZHAO, Z., Qu, D., & Zhang, P. (2008).  A policy-based approach for reconfiguration management and enforcement in autonomic communication systems.   Wireless Personal Communications.
Articles in Proceedings 
ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2014).  A design framework of branded mobile applications.   International Conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices & services, 507-512.
ZHAO, Z., Huang, X., & Crespi, N. (2012).  A system for web widget discovery using semantic distance between user intent and social tags.   International Conference on Social Informatics.
Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 
Balagué, C., & ZHAO, Z. (2017). From social networks to mobile social networks: applications in the marketing evolution. Apps management and e-commerce transactions in real-time (pp. 26-50). IGI Global. 
Balagué, C., & ZHAO, Z. (2017). Mobile social commerce. Apps management and e-commerce transactions in real-time (pp. 159-175). IGI Global. 
Conference Presentations 
Lejealle, C., ZHAO, Z., & Renard, D. (2019). Uber and Tinder: Impact of social presence on privacy intrusiveness in GeoMatching Apps.  European Marketing Academy Conference, Hamburg, Germany.
Renard, D., ZHAO, Z., & Lejealle, C. (2019). Privacy paradox in location-based services: the role of social presence.  69th Annual International Communication Association (ICA), Washington, D.C., District of Columbia.
ZHAO, Z. & Oberoi, P. (2018). Understanding crowdsolving platforms from a design perspective.  GIKA - Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy, Valence, Spain.
ZHAO, Z., Elmoukhliss, M.A., Renard, D., & Balagué, C. (2016). Coopetition innovation contests: design and effects on user behaviors.  ICTO: information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society., Paris, France.
ZHAO, Z. & Renard, D. (2016, September). What Affects Consumers' Brand Perceptions and Behaviors through Viral Promotional Advergames? Intrinsic Playfulness or Extrinsic Value of Prizes.  Journée de recherche sur le marketing digital., Paris, France.
ZHAO, Z. & Balagué, C. (2015). The New Trends of Mobile Social Commerce Applications.  European Marketing Academy Conference, Leuven, Belgium.
ZHAO, Z. & Balagué, C. (2014, June). The MUST Mix Strategy for branded mobile applications.  ICMB: International Conference of Mobile Business, London, United Kingdom.