Years at SKEMA Business School: 1

Zhenzhen ZHAO


Skills & Interests 
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Design
Scholarly Academic
Academic Degrees 
Ph.D.  Télécom SudParis / Paris VI - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, 2012.
MSc  Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), 2008.
Work Experience 
Associate Professor, SKEMA Business School (2019 - Present), Paris, France.
Research Professor, ISC Paris Business School (2016 - 2019), Paris, France.
Senior Researcher, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (2013 - 2016), Paris, France.
Visiting Researcher, Tsinghua University (2012), Beijing, China.
Visiting Researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2011), Brussels, Belgium.
Visiting Researcher, Fraunhofer FOKUS (2010 - 2011), Berlin, Germany.
Intellectual contributions
Articles in Journals 
ZHAO, Z. (2019).  Idea crowdsourcing for innovation: Fundamentals and recommendations.   Management & Data Science.
ZHAO, Z., & Renard, D. (2018).  Viral promotional advergames: how intrinsic playfulness and the extrinsic value of prizes elicit behavioral responses.   Journal of Interactive Marketing (41), 94-103.
Haikel-Elsabeh, M., ZHAO, Z., Ivens, B., & Brem, A. (2018).  When is brand content shared on Facebook? A field study on online Word-of-Mouth.   International Journal of Market Research, 1-15.
Elmoukhliss, M., Renard, D., ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2017).  De la compétition à la coopétition : les nouvelles formes de crowdsourcing d'idées.   Revue Française de Gestion, 43 (267), 11-24.
ZHAO, Z., Renard, D., Elmoukhliss, M., & Balagué, C. (2016).  What affects creative performance in idea co-creation: competitive, cooperative or coopetitive climate?   International Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (04).
ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2015).  Designing branded mobile apps: Fundamentals and recommendations.   Business Horizons, 58 (3), 305-315.
Laga, N., Bertin, E., Crespi, E., Bedini, I., ZHAO, Z., Molina B. (2013).  A flexible service selection for executing virtual services.   World Wide Web, 1-27.
ZHAO, Z., Crespi, N., & Bhattarai, S. (2012).  The design, implementation and usage analysis of an event-based consumer mashup system.   International Journal of Web and Grid Services, 173-199.
Zhang, H., ZHAO, Z., Sivasothy, S., & Huang, C. (2010).  Quality-assured and sociality-enriched multimedia mobile mashup.   Wireless Personal Communications.
Chen, J., ZHAO, Z., Qu, D., & Zhang, P. (2008).  A policy-based approach for reconfiguration management and enforcement in autonomic communication systems.   Wireless Personal Communications, 145-161.
Articles in Proceedings 
ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2014).  A design framework of branded mobile applications.   International Conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices & services, 507-512.
ZHAO, Z., Liu, J., & Crespi, N. (2012).  Dig-event: let's socialize around events.   ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work Companion (CSCW), 279-280.
Yao, P., Hu, Z., ZHAO, Z., & Crespi, N. (2012).  A study of social behavior in collaborative user generated services.   International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication.
Demey, Y. T., & ZHAO, Z. (2012).  On Semantics in Onto-DIY.   OTM 2012: On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems, 538-542.
ZHAO, Z., Huang, X., & Crespi, N. (2012).  A system for web widget discovery using semantic distance between user intent and social tags.   International Conference on Social Informatics, 1-14.
ZHAO, Z., Laga, N., & Crespi, N. (2011).  User-centric service selection, integration and management through daily events.   IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PERCOM 2011), 94-99.
ZHAO, Z., Bhattarai, S., & Crespi, N. (2011).  An event-based functionality integration framework.   IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), 720-721.
ZHAO, Z., Bhattarai, S., Liu, J., & Crespi, N. (2011).  Mashup services to daily activities: end-user perspective in designing a consumer mashups.   International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services, 222-229.
ZHAO, Z., Liu, J., & Crespi, N. (2011).  The design of activity-oriented social networking: Dig-event.   International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services, 420-425.
Xu, W., Hu, Z., Gong, T., & ZHAO, Z. (2011).  Towards a dynamic social-network-based approach for service composition in the Internet of Things.   International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV).
Bhattarai, S., ZHAO, Z., & Crespi, N. (2010).  Consumer mashups: end-user perspectives and acceptance model.   12th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, 930-933.
ZHAO, Z., Laga, N., & Crespi, N. (2009).  The incoming trends of end-user driven service creation.   International Conference on Digital Business, 98-108.
ZHAO, Z., Laga, N., & Crespi, N. (2009).  A survey of user generated service.   IEEE International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content, 241-246.
ZHAO, Z., Chen, J., & Crespi, N. (2008).  A policy-based framework for autonomic reconfiguration management in heterogeneous networks.   International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia.
Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 
ZHAO, Z., & Balagué, C. (2017). From social networks to mobile social networks: applications in the marketing evolution. Apps management and e-commerce transactions in real-time (pp. 26-50). IGI Global. 
Balagué, C., & ZHAO, Z. (2017). Mobile social commerce. Apps management and e-commerce transactions in real-time (pp. 159-175). IGI Global. 
Conference Presentations 
Lejealle, C., ZHAO, Z., & Renard, D. (2019). Uber and Tinder: Impact of social presence on privacy intrusiveness in GeoMatching Apps.  European Marketing Academy Conference, Hamburg, Germany.
Renard, D., ZHAO, Z., & Lejealle, C. (2019). Privacy paradox in location-based services: the role of social presence.  ICA (International Communication Association), Washington, D.C., District of Columbia.
ZHAO, Z. & OBEROI, P. (2019). Understanding crowdsolving platforms' design features: A conceptual study based on design thinking and knowledge creation.  2020 AMA Winter Academic Conference, San Diego, California.
ZHAO, Z. & Oberoi, P. (2018). Understanding crowdsolving platforms from a design perspective.  GIKA (Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy), Valence, Spain.
ZHAO, Z., Elmoukhliss, M.A., Renard, D., & Balagué, C. (2016). Coopetition innovation contests: design and effects on user behaviors.  ICTO Conference (Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society), Paris, France.
ZHAO, Z. & Renard, D. (2016, September). What Affects Consumers' Brand Perceptions and Behaviors through Viral Promotional Advergames? Intrinsic Playfulness or Extrinsic Value of Prizes.  Journée de recherche sur le marketing digital., Paris, France.
ZHAO, Z. & Balagué, C. (2015). The New Trends of Mobile Social Commerce Applications.  European Marketing Academy Conference, Leuven, Belgium.
ZHAO, Z. & Balagué, C. (2014, June). The MUST Mix Strategy for branded mobile applications.  ICMB: International Conference of Mobile Business, London, United Kingdom.
Other Research 
2020: ZHAO, Z., The Role of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in Marketing Discipline.   [Basic or Discovery Scholarship]
Professional Service 
Member: Committee/Task Force
2020:  Program committee member of FEMIB 2020: International conference on finance, economics, management and IT business (International).
2019:  Program committee member of COMPLEXIS 2019 (International conference on complexity, future information systems and risk) - IDR (Inter-Disciplinary Research) workshop (International).
2019:  Program committee member of FEMIB 2019: International conference on finance, economics, management and IT business (International).
Reviewer: Reviewer for a Journal
2019:  International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (International).
2019:  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (International).
2019:  Creativity and Innovation Management (International).
2019:  IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management (International).
2019:  Journal of Business Research (International).